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The City of Lincoln is looking into acquiring "The Depot" right of the railroad tracks that run through the center of Lincoln.

The City has been working to acquire the Depot as a part of their downtown revitalization. Lincoln Mayor Keith Snyder says some 20-thousand people get on and off the Amtrack that makes daily stops in Lincoln and he explains they'd like to see that rejuvenated.

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The Mayor explains for the better part of 20 years, the Depot has been privately owned and operated as a banquet hall. He say before that it was a regular terminal for the train that came through Lincoln.

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The history of the Depot not only branches from the history of the rail-line, but there is some history at the site involving Abraham Lincoln. Mayor Snyder explains the site is where it is believed Lincoln christened the City of Lincoln.

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Because the Depot is not a large area, the City would investigate some expansion opportunities. One of those, according to the Mayor would be to remove some railcars that have been in place for many years. Mayor Snyder says those cars are not original to the building and there are some maintenance and upkeep issues to them.

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The City of Lincoln has been looking to do some rejuvenation of their downtown areas, which extends to the areas near where the rail-line runs through Lincoln.

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