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Clinton High School and Richland Community College are in preliminary discussions in partnering together to bring expanded learning opportunities to students around central Illinois.

First year Clinton High School Principal Dr. Candice Swift recently reached out to Richland Community College officials to discuss the possibilities of a regional science labs. That idea according to Dr. Swift stemmed from a discussion about up-to-date science labs at Richland's coming site behind Clinton High School. She was concerned students would take courses through Richland but would not have the proper labs.

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Expounding on the idea of a regional science center, Dr. Swift says they began to think broader in terms of who could use the labs. She explains other schools in the area that may not have the resources to conduct certain experiments would be invited to use their facilities.

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Dr. Swift has also notes she would like to partner with Syngenta to give them examples of how their science skills could make them more employable post-high school or college. She says these would not just be opportunity for Clinton students as Clinton is in an ideal geographic location to make these things happen.

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Dr. Swift notes she and the high school science department have been looking into making upgrades to their outdated labs. She says they will also be discussing the few items that would turn those labs into functional college level labs.

Dr. Swift emphasizes these are just basic general conversations, no partnerships or financing agreements have been agreed to yet.

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