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One local school district's long term facilities improvement plans are nearly ready to begin planning the next step.

Maroa-Forsyth School are finishing the first of a four-phase facility improvement plan. The first phase included the upgrades to the schools football and track fields, and Superintendent of Maroa-Forsyth Schools, Mike Williams says the phase also saw a new greenhouse for the district get put up as well. He says the track needs some minor work still, otherwise, phase one is complete.

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Phase two of the four-phase plan is most likely not going to get underway for another three to four years according to Williams. He says the next phase is expansion of the high school. He notes the class sizes are dictating the need for expansion.

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The building plans were designed with expansion in mind. Williams explains there is property to the north of the high school building that can be added on to when the time comes.

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Williams says the final two phases will be possible expansion to the grade school, and the final phase will be a new middle school. Williams explains the current middle-school is the old high school, and being build over 80 years ago, it has served the district well, but it is not conducive to today's standards for learning.

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The four-phase plan began implementation last winter and is a ten-year outline for upgrades to the districts facilities. Williams says have all of the district's facilities under 25-years old has been a goal for their Board of Education.

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