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State Reps Debate Assault Weapons Ban

The House is moving to ban certain types of assault weapons in Illinois but State Representative Brandon Phelps isn't happy about it.

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Police officers would still be able to carry assault weapons if they're banned in the state, under a new proposal. But Rep. Phelps tells Representative Ed Acevedo that's just not right

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State Rep Frank Mautino doesn't like the bill because he says one amendment could send those who already own guns to prison.

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Mitchell Uzis, Beretta AR-70's, Tec-9's, Glock 19's, Ruger 1022's, and assault rifles with detachable magazines are among those that could be banned. One amendment would allow people who already own the guns to keep them, but they'd have to register them with the state police. State reps voted up or down on several amendments to create the bill, some of the amendments contradict others but the idea is to gauge what does and doesn't have support. None of the amendments got 60 votes. That's what would be needed to pass the actual bill.

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