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Monticello Working With Older Facilities To Provide Better Security

Over the past few months, school districts have shifted their focus to better security in their schools.

Monticello Schools battle keeping their campus secured as they have four out of five buildings were built before 1924. Superintendent Dr. Vic Zimmerman says the tragedy of Newtown, CT showed no matter how much security a school has, a person who has no value for life can be difficult to stop.

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Monticello's challenge to keep their older buildings up-to-date with security has not been much of a problem. Dr. Zimmerman explains they've had to retro-fit their doors with security. He says they do a good job of keeping the buildings secure.

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Shortly after the Newtown, CT tragedy, schools around Illinois and the country began discussing having armed security in and around the school, some school administrators even discussed arming their school's administrators. Dr. Zimmerman feels that's more of a knee-jerk reaction to something that could come at a steep cost.

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Dr. Zimmerman says they are going to a system that locks all their doors. He says anyone wanting to enter will have to be buzzed in through a security system with video that feeds back to the office. He says for districts with older buildings, the system is pretty common.

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