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Local Lawmaker He's Learned A Lot About GOP Gubernatorial Candidate

 width=A local lawmaker has had a change of heart when it comes to the Republican gubernatorial candidate.

In the primary election, State Senator Chapin Rose did not support the Republican party's candidate for the upcoming election for Governor, Bruce Rauner. Over the past several months in communicating and working with Rauner, Sen. Rose says he finds the Chicago businessman "refreshing".

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Rauner has received a lot of criticism over his stances on education, including some from Sen. Rose during the primary. But Sen. Rose says Rauner's beef is not with downstate schools nor suburb school districts, it's actually with the Chicago Public School system.

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According to Sen. Rose, he has learned Rauner has a great deal of passion about turning around CPS, and has invested a lot of his own wealth into charter schools. Sen. Rose says this is nothing new for Rauner, he's been doing this for many years now.

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Sen. Rose says Rauner has been wildly successful with his business ventures, which Sen. Rose feels means Rauner is a very detail oriented person. He feels the budget figures presented by Rauner would be studied and studiously researched.

Sen. Rose admits there are issues they do disagree on, but he views that as OK. He feels Rauner is already more engaged and interested in the issues than Gov. Quinn.

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