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Area Unemployment Rates Released

The June summary of unemployment in central Illinois were released earlier this week.

The most positive news in the report came in Macon County. While seeing a slight increase in unemployment from May to June, Macon County's unemployment dropped over 3-percentage points from this time last year. June's unemployment came in at 9.2%, but this time last year, unemployment was 12.5%. May unemployment rates in Macon County were 9.1%.

In other areas of central Illinois, DeWitt County had a slight decrease from May to June. May rates were at 6.8%, down to 6.7% in June.

Logan County unemployment remained steady at 6.9%.

Unemployment rates dropped slightly in Piatt County. 6.5% unemployment in May became 6.4% in June.

In McLean County, unemployment jumped from 6% in May to 6.4% in June, less than a half-percent bump.

Unemployment jumped in Champaign County as well. Rates in June registered at 7%, up from May's 6.4%.

Peoria County unemployment remained steady at 8%, unchanged from May to June.

Sangamon County's unemployment jumped just slightly. June's rate of 6.2% was up just slightly from 6% in May.

Hardin County saw the largest change in unemployment from May to June. A whole percent jump moved unemployment rates to 10.8% in June, which gave Hardin County the state's largest unemployment rate as well.

Henderson County registered the state's biggest drop in unemployment. June's 5.7% was down from May's 6.9%, just short a full percent drop in unemployment.

Brown County continues to maintain the state's lowest unemployment figures, with a 3.5% unemployment rate.

The total state unemployment rate was 7.1%. Nearly a whole percent below the national average of 6.3%.

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