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Social Security Replacement Cards Not Always Must

One of the most common reasons people visit or contact a Social Security Office is to obtain a new card. 

Social Security encourages beneficiaries to make sure they actually need a replacement card. According to Jack Myers with Social Security, a majority of people only need to know their number rather than need a replacement card. But in the event a new card is needed, the most common way to obtain it is to come to their office in person.

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Social Security also encourages new parents to apply for their child's card at the hospital. Myers notes it's the most convenient way for parents to get that step out the way during those hectic first weeks, and many hospitals, in fact offer to take care of all the necessary paper work for you.

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Myers explains all information can be obtained online. However, applications for cards cannot be submitted electronically yet.

For more information, visit www.socialsecurity.gov/ssnumbers.

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