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County Board Discusses Animal Shelter At Length Thursday

Discussion of the new DeWitt County Animal Shelter dominated much of Thursday's DeWitt County Board meeting.

Board Member Terry Hoffman placed a motion to proceed with the sale of the Haynes building and lots, which holds county documents. Danny Ballenger argued he had passed a motion to table work being done at the new facility but Hoffman believes Ballenger only tabled the formation of a committee. Board Chair Sherrie Brown wants to move ahead with the sale.

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The motion failed so Hoffman moved discussion to the topic to renovating the animal control facility. Ballenger told Hoffman most of the bidding contractors will not work with him because they want to work with people who want the project to move forward and succeed.

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County Clerk Dana Smith settled the dispute of the Ballenger's tabling by listening to the last week's audio during a recess. She says the motion was to table a committee until a new Board Chair is appointed. Ballenger feels Hoffman wants the shelter to fail. Despite voting against the property, Brown says she doesn't want to see the shelter fail, rather she wants it to move forward.

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The animal shelter discussion lasted over a half an hour thanks to a brief recess in the middle of the meeting. To hear the entire discussion, click below:

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