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ATIM Project Seeks To Put Workers In Manufacturing Sector

Residents in and around Lincoln who may be searching for a job in the manufacturing sector are encouraged to attend a meeting Thursday on how the skills you already possess can be improved to help you find a higher paying job in the industry.

According to Larry Peterson, the Regional Manager for the Accelerated Training for Illinois Manufacturing Program, or ATIM Program, explains the program is in the midst of a partnership with the Eaton Corporation in Lincoln to train potential employees on specific jobs they have a need for. Peterson says it will also hope to improve the skills of current Eaton employees.

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Manufacturers locally are having a hard time finding a certain skill set to fit the needs they have to keep them competitive. Peterson says the program quickly gets those out of a job the skills they need to fill these voids.

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Not only do those who enter the program get the workforce skills necessary to succeed, they also learn how to go through an interview process. Peterson says they want the applicants and workers they put out for potential employers to be prepared for almost everything they will encounter when they get an interview, and then in many cases, a job.

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Once in the program, a potential employee will be trained to increase the skills they already posses. According to Peterson, they don't force their trainees to take on skills they may have little experience in. He says it's all about accelerating the process of increasing a skill-set and getting a person back to work.

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To learn more about the ATIM Project and the job opportunities in Lincoln and across the area, you are encouraged to attend a couple informational sessions this week and next.

Tomorrow (Thursday) at the Lincoln Heartland Community College downtown location will be the site for the first at 11 am Thursday morning.

The second is at the Richland Community College Education Center in Clinton next Thursday at 10:30 am.

Both sessions are free and no registration is required.

You can also 'Google' search ATIM Project and an application can be found online as well.

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