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Local Zoo Refurbishes Main Attraction

 width=One local zoo has made the effort to spruce up one of its most popular attractions.

Dectaur's Scovill Zoo had it's carousel refurbished this week. The zoo closed the ride down to allow a company from Ohio clean and touch it up. Ken Frye, with Scovill Zoo, says the efforts have made the carousel look brand new.

[audio:8114carousel1.mp3] [/audio]

Frye says the carousel's working parts have been around since the 1920s, but the zoo added the animals. It's been part of Scovill Zoo for the past eleven years. He adds it used to be traveling carousel during it's heyday.

[audio:8114carousel2.mp3] [/audio]

One of the more interesting features of the carousel is the animals. According to Frye they represent species from around the world and his staff calls it the "endangered species" carousel.

[audio:8114carousel3.mp3] [/audio]

Frye says the carousel had taken its toll over the years due to weather elements and other natural causes. He's glad the ride has finally acquired a full clean-up. The carousel is expected to be back up and running Sunday.

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