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Rauner Promises To Give Bank A-Million-Bucks

Bruce Rauner is raising eyebrows with a promise to give a south side bank in Chicago more than a-million-dollars out of his own pocket. He told members of the National Black Wall Street that he'd transfer the cash within 30-days. The idea is to help build up small businesses in predominantly Black communities. But Rauner is in a heated race for governor which instantly sparks questions about whether the move is aimed more at buying votes than it is on building business.

Governor Quinn's campaign team was shocked after learning about the promise, but Quinn is under similar type of scrutiny for pumping more than 50-million-dollars into Black communities just before the 2010 election. State and federal investigators are actually taking a closer look at Quinn's move, to see if there were any ill-motives in play when the money was distributed.

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