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Former County Board Member, Clinton Resident Questions Mayor Regarding Board Appointees, Management Practices

A former DeWitt County Board member who was a long-time Clinton resident addressed the Clinton City Council Monday night.

Levi Sturgeon referenced during the summer of 2013, when a seat on the hospital board became vacant, he had expressed interest in coming onto the Board. He claims the Mayor, Carolyn Peters would not allow him to serve because he did not reside in the hospital's service area.

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After revealing the part of the content of emails between the two, Sturgeon challenged the Mayor's idea of where the hospital's service area is. Sturgeon feels the Mayor's definition of "service area" was not an adequate reason to deny him the opportunity to serve on the board because he in fact still utilizes the services the city-owned hospital offers.

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Sturgeon's comments moved away from the focus of criteria for appointing board members, and towards the way the hospital is being run. He feels the Mayor is causing morale issues.

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Sturgeon also questioned some two of the board members qualifications to serve on the hospital board. He contends the board president, Cindy Saylors works for an independent doctor who is in direct competition with the hospital, and another practices medicine in Macon County for a competing company.

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Sturgeon compares the employees of the hospital to the employees of the County building. He believes they need someone to listen to them. He hopes when a position on the board opens up, she finds someone who shares the passion and compassion of the employees and the people of the County.

He implored the Mayor to reconsider actions and listen to fellow Council members and the public.

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