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Thumb Prints Required For Gun Purchases In Peoria

People who buy guns in Peoria are required to get an extra set of thumb prints taken, but Rich Pearson with the Illinois State Rifle Association says that's unnecessary.

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Pearson adds the city is too inconsistent when it comes to enforcing the ordinance so it needs to be taken off the books.

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The thumb prints are turned over to the Peoria police department, but Pearson says they aren't used in criminal cases. He says there's no need to keep the thumb prints on file if they're not being used for anything. City leaders admit the ordinance is outdated and say they're willing to reexamine it and remove it if that's what's best. Pearson says they're willing to take other measures to have it removed if city leaders don't act. He wouldn't say exactly what those other measures would be, but he didn't rule out the possibility of a lawsuit.

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