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Vacant County Board Seat Subject of More Heated Discussion

 width=200 height=150 />The DeWitt County Board Chair didn't appoint a new member to the vacant seat for District B for the second meeting in a row. <br /> <br />The issue of the vacant seat was brought up again at Thursday night's DeWitt County Board meeting. Board Member Danny Ballenger wanted County Board Chair Sherrie Brown to appoint Christy Pruser to the District B seat. Pruser is the widow of late Board Member Tom Pruser. Brown explains the motion had already been voted on at the last meeting. <br /> <br />[audio:8814countyseat1.mp3] [/audio]<br /> <br />The issue was tabled until the end of the meeting when Board Member Doug Tucker addressed Brown regarding Pruser's appointment. He says various constituents have come to him requesting the appointment as soon as possible. He adds the county doesn't need a dictator but a leader as a County Board Chair moving forward. <br /> <br />[audio:8814countyseat2.mp3] [/audio]<br /> <br />Brown claims she never refused to swear Pruser in and the decision was under advisement. Several Board Members argued Brown has said she would meet with Pruser to which Brown disagreed. <br /> <br />[audio:8814countyseat3.mp3] [/audio]<br /> <br />Ballenger asked Brown the difference between the District B seat and other appointments brought to the Board Thursday evening. Several residents of District B requested they get full representation. Board Member Camille Redman told Brown it's a courtesy to the citizens of the district to make the appointment. <br /> <br />[audio:8814countyseat4.mp3] [/audio]<br /> <br />Thursday night's meeting also saw the Board approve the purchase of a public address audio system after nearly a year on the agenda. <br /> <br />The Board also tabled several issues pertaining to the Animal Shelter and Clinton Lake Marina. Stay tuned to Regional Radio News for further coverage.</p>		</div>
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