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Suspects Apprehended in Texas Township Burglary

The DeWitt County Sheriff's Office has apprehended a suspect in connection to a Wednesday residential burglary.

According to DeWitt County Sheriff Shofner, there was an altercation in Texas Township Tuesday between a pair of burglars and the home's residents. The Sheriff indicates the burglars managed to escape the premises. Amanda Tebrugge (tu-per-jay) has been apprehended and authorities are seeking her boyfriend, Brandon Tulak (tu-lack), for further questioning.

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The Sheriff says a post to Facebook was a major help in solving the crime and apprehending the suspects. Sheriff Shofner explains a fellow law enforcement officer who works in a department outside Clinton and DeWitt County, recognized the vehicle description and was able to aid in apprehending the suspect.

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The Sheriff says this particular burglary spree has been stopped, as the second suspect is being actively sought.

He notes most burglaries happen during the daytime hours and encourages the locking of all doors, garages, and vehicles.

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