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Heat Turning Up In Final Months Before Election

The election is just three months away and that means political candidates will start turning up the heat. This year's governor's race is expected to be the most expensive in Illinois history and according to Political Scientist Kent Redfield, voters won't be able to run from either of the campaigns.


Things have been somewhat toned down so far, but Redfield says negative ads will start flooding the airwaves soon.


Redfield adds some voters won't just see negative ads on TV, they'll also get flooded with mail and phone calls.


We'll likely start seeing Governor Quinn turn the heat up on Bruce Rauner and paint him as someone who's unelectable. He may raise more issues about Rauner's wealth and whether he can or can't relate to everyday people. Rauner on the other hand will likely try to convince voters that Quinn is just like his predecessors Rod Blagojevich and George Ryan, who both ended up in prison. Rauner may keep Quinn's failed anti-violence program in the forefront because the feds are investigating it for possible wrong-doing.

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