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Talks of Selling Clinton Lake Marina Suspended Indefinitely

The Clinton Lake Marina provided a large portion of conversation at Thursday Night's DeWitt County Board.

Board Member Danny Ballenger began by updating the board on the ADA compliance issues with the Marina. Ballenger, along with Administrative Assistant, Dee Dee Rentmeister, informed the Board that a good portion of the projects have been completed which will allow them to be ready for an inspection by the Attorney General's Office in September.

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 width=The Board also discussed proceeding with the sale of the Marina. Board Member Keith Koons does not believe much has been done with the property since he's been on the Board. He adds the county shouldn't be involved in a private business.

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Vice-Chair Pete Daugherty and Board Member David Newberg felt it wasn't right to go in this direction at this time due to several factors. They point to the 80 acres that lie on the south side of the Marina. Newberg believes it would be better to pursue development there rather than focusing on selling the Marina.

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Board Member Doug Tucker moved to table the motion indefinitely. Daugherty says they have never gotten a good price for the entire Marina. Daugheerty adds attempts to sell the Marina in the past have failed.

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The motion to table indefinitely passed 6-5 with Brown, Koons, Terry Hoffman, George Wismiller and Ron Savage voting no.

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