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One local school district has been busy preparing their facilities for the new school year.

The state of Illinois offers school districts a matching grant that gives them the opportunity to make improvements and upgrades to their facilities. According to Dr. Ty Wolf, Superintendent of Heyworth Schools, new LED lights have been place both indoors and outdoors throughout the district, which will provide them a source of energy savings very quickly.

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The district is also looking to create a more relaxed feel in their Jr. and Sr. high school library. Dr. Wolf indicates they have remodeled in order to incorporate an internet cafe feel for students. He hopes students will learn to work together in a relaxing environment.

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The library already had an extra horseshoe-like space and Dr. Wolf notes they're putting the new cafe into the area the old reference books were kept. Dr. Wolf explains reference books are quickly being replaced because of the advancements in classroom technology.

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Dr. Wolf feels Heyworth has been fortunate to receive the matching grants from the State of Illinois the past several years.

He adds the entire objective of summer maintenance is to provide students with the best possible educational experience.

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