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Former County Board Member Calls Board Chair 'Dictator'

Thursday night, a handful of DeWitt County residents put themselves on the agenda to speak before the DeWitt County Board, only to be told by Board Chair Sherrie Brown only one individual could speak on behalf of the District B precinct committeemen.

Former County Board member Levi Sturgeon was allowed to speak before the Board, and among the many thoughts he conveyed to the Board, he accused the Board leader of disrespecting Tom Pruser's service to the County by not appointing the Republican Committee recommendation for his replacement.

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Sturgeon shifted his focus from the vacant County Board seat to the animal shelter's lack of progress. Over the weekend we heard the thoughts of Dr. Harold Weinberg, and like Dr. Weinberg, Sturgeon says the animal shelter is disgusting. Sturgeon wants to see Brown allowing the voted committee to continue work for the animal shelter.

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While most of Sturgeon's remarks towards Brown were of undertone displeasure, he did pay the Board Chair an offhanded compliment. He feels Brown's leadership has united the County's Democratic and Republican parties.

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Sturgeon points out the Rock Island County Board recently took a symbolic "no confidence" vote and are going to vote to remove their County Board Chair this week.

Sturgeon suggests a vote like that locally may not accomplish anything, however, he feels it may make the people of the County feel better.

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