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Council Hears Proposal For Marijuana Facility

 width=Monday night, the Clinton City Coucil heard a proposal on a proposal for application of construction of a medical marijuana growing facility.

The state of Illinois will open up bidding for a very limited amount of marijuana dispensaries on September 8. Salveo CEO Alex Thiersch (TEER-sch, seated right) approached the Clinton City Council to work with them in their appeal process to hopefully obtain a license to grow medical marijuana just outside the city limits.

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Illinois laws are very strict on where and how medicinal marijuana can be grown. Thiersh assures the council that unlike a dispensary facility, Salveo will not be selling the marijuana to the public.

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The security at the facility would rival that of most banks in the area. Thiersch says among other things, the facility will have armed guards and 24\7 video surveillance that can be monitored by any Illinois law enforcement agency.

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Clinton looks to gain substaintially from the cultivation center as Salveo plans to create a minimum of 30 jobs and will invest in as many local products as they are able.

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Mayor Carolyn Peters encouraging the public and her fellow councilmen to educate themselves on the differences between a facility such as a cultivation center and a recreational marijuana dispensary.

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The council's initial reaction to the proposal appeared very positive with Tom Edmunds saying the proposal was very well put together

In other businsess from the Monday City Council meeting...

>>The council also approved several contracts for the Fire and Police departments and the Plumbers and Pipefitters Union.

>>Also approved was a purchase of a laptop computer and three AR-15 rifles for the police department.

>>Monday's meeting also saw an outpouring of approval and praise for the town's recent Easton Corbin concert on the Mr. Lincoln Square and encouragement to hold similar events in the future.

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