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 width=It should be yet another eventful DeWitt County Board meeting Thursday night.

Since early July, the Board has had a vacant seat due to the sudden passing of Tom Pruser. The DeWitt County Republican Committee has been calling for Board Chair Sherrie Brown (right) to appoint his widow, Christie Pruser to the vacant post.

Various Board members have made motions in recent meetings to have Pruser appointed to the position, however, Brown has maintained a stance that only the Board Chair can make appointments.

Once again, a motion appears on the agenda for Pruser to be appointed to the District B seat, but also on the agenda is a motion to appoint Jeff Gibbs to fill the post. An item that is sure to garner much attention and debate.

Gibbs ran in the March primary as a Republican candidate to appear on the November ballot for District B, however his bid fell short, as the trio of candidates that were victories in March were the late-Pruser, former Board member Terry Ferguson and incumbent Keith Koons.

Gibbs would fill the seat until it's term expires in November.

Gibbs has been outspoken about the happenings at the Clinton Lake Marina dating back to last year, and was even involved in a heated exchange with Board member David Newberg in April of last year.

Last Thursday, Board Chair Brown refused to allow precinct committeemen in District B the opportunity to speak, and this week more precinct committeemen appear on the agenda. They include Terry Ferguson, Steve Perring and Ty Osterbur.

DeWitt County Republican Committee Chair Dustin Peterson is also on on the ballot to speak this week. Peterson was not pleased with the Board Chair's decision to deny the committeemen the opportunity to be heard.

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