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No Confidence Vote Against DeWitt County Board Chair Fails

 width=An anticipated agenda item regarding the DeWitt County Board Chair failed at Thursday night's meeting.
Board Member Camille Redman placed a motion on Thursday Night's agenda for a vote of no confidence in Board Chair Sherrie Brown. Brown attempted to skip over the agenda item before Redman stood and took control of the room. The majority of the crowd assembled made their approval of the motion known to the Board.
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Redman explained DeWitt County has suffered under the "tyranny" of Brown for nearly two years. She, then, listed several controversial issues that have occurred under Brown's tenure. Among them were the elimination of the committee system and not heeding advice of State's Attorney Karle Koritz.

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Redman continued by mentioning Brown's last minute changes to last year's budget and the request for 5% cuts to county employee's budgets. She concluded saying Brown has caused embarrassment and financial burdens to DeWitt County. The vote for no confidence failed 5-5 with Brown and Vice-Chair Pete Daugherty abstaining. Board Member Keith Koons was absent Thursday evening.

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Thursday night saw a packed courtroom of over 100 people due to several controversial agenda items. Stay tuned to Regional Radio News for more coverage.

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