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DeWitt County State's Attorney Remembers Judge Bryan as Good Judge and Human Being

 width=The DeWitt County State's Attorney fondly remembers Judge Garry Bryan as a "good judge" and "good human being".

State's Attorney Karle Koritz says Bryan treated everyone with respect, in and out of the courtroom. He adds Judge Bryan always took the best interests of victims and criminals to heart while at the bench. Koritz notes even when Bryan punished, there was always some form of encouragement.

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Koritz explains there was an understanding between all attorneys that Judge Bryan was going to make competent and fair rulings. He says he never second guessed any decision made by Bryan due to his wealth of knowledge and fairness.

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The State's Attorney says he was always impressed by Judge Bryan's positivity. Koritz notes when he's confronted with a particular issue, he asks himself, "what would Judge Bryan do?". When Bryan found himself stricken with cancer, he was the one usually reassuring others due to his positive outlook.

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Koritz adds there has been much discouragement surrounding DeWitt County government recently. Yet, Judge Bryan's courtroom proved that local government can run the way it should.

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Judge Bryan's absence will leave a large hole it the County Building according to Koritz. He noted Bryan was also the most accessible judge he's ever worked with.

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