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Head of DeWitt County Democrat Committee Challenges Board Member on Residency

One DeWitt County Board member was once questioned about his residency at Thursday's DeWitt County Board meeting.

Terry Redman, Chairman of the DeWitt County Democrats, confronted Board Member George Wismiller regarding his current residence. He questioned Wismiller regarding conflicting statements about the vacancy of his house in DeWitt County. The Board Member said he would not repeat what he had already stated at a previous Board Meeting.

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Redman tried to get Wismiller to explain his residency once again but the Board Member still wouldn't discuss his position on the matter.

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Wismiller's statement of the matter of his residency being under litigation came under question, next, by Redman. Wismiller informed him out of respect for the court system he wouldn't discuss the issue. Redman asked when he would do "the right thing" and resign his seat.

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Redman also referred to Wismiller as a hypocrite due to his time keeping during the public address portion of the meetings while referring to it as the muzzle act. It was Wissmiller who last year said he did not think there should be a time limit on those speaking before the board.

[audio:82614redman4.mp3] [/audio]

Thursday night's board meeting saw many hot button issues discussed. Stay tuned for Regional Radio News for coverage regarding a resolution for the medical cannabis facility and a motion to have a special budget meeting with Administrative Assistant Dee Dee Rentmeister.

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