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Blue Ridge Nearly Breaks Even In 2014

Many school districts around the area are reporting good news when it comes to their Fiscal Year 14 budgets.

It's been no secret, districts have struggled to make ends meet with the state continuously decreasing the funding for education, however, as Blue Ridge schools put a bow on FY14, they are pleased to say they nearly finished at a break even point. According to Susan Wilson, Superintendent of Blue Ridge Schools, this is good news because they projected quite a deficit for the year.

[audio:82914brbudget1.mp3] [/audio]

The difference between this year and previous years for school leaders is the state making the full payments from the pro-rated payments, however, Wilson doesn't think this is a sign things are beginning to turn around from a state level. She criticizes the pro-ration of funding on top of cuts to programs from several years ago.

[audio:82914brbudget2.mp3] [/audio]

The district received four payments last year, when it was told to them by state officials to only expect three payments. Wilson notes, the same is holding true for next year, as they have been informed to expect only three of the four payments. She speculates a lot of that has to do with the outcome of the permanency of the income tax hike that is set to expire. Lawmakers are expected to make a decision on that after the November election.

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