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 width=As rural communities in central Illinois compete to attract businesses to spur economic development, one local community has brought on an outside firm to aid them in the process of being successful.

Lincoln has partnered with Retail Strategies to get a strategy together for Lincoln in attracting business, but according Lincoln Mayor Keith Snyder, they also go out seek those retail businesses to come to the community.

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The firm takes a look at a lot different numbers and figures, some of which can't be gathered from census data. According to Mayor Snyder, the numbers can be intriguing, but at the same time they can be somewhat scary because of all the information on people at a collective level that is available to these types of firms.

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The benefits of having a relationship with a firm like Retail Strategies takes a lot of the research work out for a potential retailer looking to locate to the city of Lincoln. The Mayor explains the firm will take much of the data to that company that would show why it is a good idea to come to Lincoln.

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Mayor Snyder says having the firm put the data together puts them ahead because of the relationships they already have in place.

He adds while the process and relationship with the firm is early on, he feels it holds a lot of potential and opportunities for the City of Lincoln.

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