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A local state representative has been calling for the State of Illinois to ground it's airfleet and sell them off to pay back some of the State's debt. Now Governor Pat Quinn has a proposal in Springfield to do just that.

State Representative Bill Mitchell acknowledges that bill has been proposed by him many times but those bills have gone nowhere. The State's airfleet can be grounded several ways, first through a bill to ground them or to not fund them, both of which Rep. Mitchell has attempted.

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Despite Gov. Quinn doing this without crediting Rep. Mitchell with putting up the original fight, the Representative says his feelings aren't by the Gov. doing this. He feels the end result is the ultimate goal and feels he knows the Gov. M-O despite not getting any credit.

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Rep. Mitchell feels the move by Quinn, who references the action in his latest campaign ad, is a political ploy. Rep. Mitchell says whether the Governor actually does ground and sell the state's air fleet remains to be seen.

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