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 width=The DeWitt County Board set a date for their special budget meeting on Thursday night.

The Board approved a special session at a meeting in August but last Thursday, the time and date was finally decided on. Board Chair Sherrie Brown explains the budgets were sent out to the various department heads after she requested a 5% reduction in department budgets. Rentmeister had over three-quarters of the budgets returned as of Thursday evening.

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The meeting has been set for this Tuesday at 6 p.m. Board Member Terry Hoffman requested Rentmeister bring the reason the Board doesn't actually have a budget after being ten million dollars over in expenditures.

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Board members had many requests of the DeWitt County Board Administrative Assistant. Hoffman requested the proposed reductions for Exelon and reports from the Sheriff's office be brought to the meeting. Newberg wanted reports of how the budget would be affected by the loss of over one million dollars in hosting fees from the Clinton Landfill.

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Rentmeister informed the Board each county department head would try to be present to review their budgets.

Both Redman and Brown encouraged as many DeWitt County taxpayers as possible be present for this meeting. The meeting will be held at 6 p.m. Tuesday evening at the DeWitt County Building.

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