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Illinois Republican gubernatorial candidate Bruce Rauner's plan for ethics reform released Wednesday includes a temporary ban on state officials becoming lobbyists and broadening recall powers, ideas government watchdog groups called a step in the right direction but difficult to implement.

Rauner has made promises to fight corruption a theme in trying to unseat Gov. Pat Quinn. Calling the Chicago Democrat a "corrupt career politician," Rauner outlined how he'd change the Illinois Constitution to allow legislators to be expelled more than once for the same reason and reiterated his push to prohibit legislative leaders from outside jobs.

His proposed one-year ban would extend to chiefs of staff and legislators.

Illinois Campaign for Political Reform chairwoman Susan Garrett called Rauner's blueprint a "good start." However, she said how things would be executed mattered.

Political experts said some of the proposals involving constitutional changes would be hard to pass in the state Legislature.

Others said Quinn's ethics reform record has been notable, particularly in signing Illinois' first limits on campaign contributions in 2009.

Quinn's campaign said Rauner had "zero credibility" on ethics, claiming the venture capitalist profited from "fraud" in previous business dealings. A Quinn television ad released Wednesday blasted a healthcare company partly owned by Rauner's former firm.

Rauner dismissed the notion and said he wasn't directly involved.

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