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Republican candidate for governor Bruce Rauner (ROW'-nur) said Thursday he's not a fan of gambling or a plan to put slot machines at Chicago's international airports, but he wouldn't stand in the way of adding casinos if local communities support it.

Lawmakers for years have pushed for expanding gambling as a way to generate funds to address Illinois' huge financial problems.

Rauner said any gambling expansion must maximize taxpayer benefit. But he made clear he has misgivings.

He says he does not gamble nor does he like gambling. He feels it can be an addictive thing and it can hurt families that can't afford to be hurt.

Rauner also said he'd likely lean against putting slots at O'Hare and Midway airports - one of the proposals being considered in the Illinois Legislature.

Quinn has twice rejected gambling expansion proposals, largely over ethical concerns about corruption. He's said Illinois shouldn't settle for a gambling bill that "includes loopholes for mobsters."

Rauner said he also would push for "careful, thoughtful restrictions about who's involved" in any gambling expansion.

Lawmakers have considered adding five casinos statewide, including in Chicago. Another option would put a mega casino in Chicago and nowhere else.

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