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 width=A very short DeWitt County Board Meeting saw one Board Member presenting a personal statement over recent budget proceedings.

Board member Terry Hoffman spoke his thoughts regarding last Tuesday's special budget session at Thursday night's meeting. He recapped the vote following Board Chair Sherrie Brown's request for each county department's budget be reduced by five percent and referenced Sheriff Jered Shofner's reaction to Brown's request.

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Hoffman believes the budget session with Administrative Assistant Dee Dee Rentmeister was "flawed" from the beginning because not all department heads werepresent for the meeting. According to Hoffman, a reduction in the Exelon Nuclear Power plant property value was part of Brown's decision to request the five percent cuts.

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Rentmeister's estimated expenditures and revenue for 2015 came under scrutiny from Hoffman as well. He says he's heard several department heads discussing higher taxes to make up for the 1.3 million dollar difference in the 2015 budget. Several in the crowd disagreed when Hoffman claimed he was speaking for the taxpayer.

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Sheriff Shofner's reaction to recent budget proceedings came under fire from Hoffman, who called them "politically motivated". He also criticized other department heads for not finding much to cut as of Tuesday's budget session.

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State's Attorney Karle Kortiz also drew criticism for "politically motivated" actions by Hoffman becuase of to not acting on non-payments of fees by the Clinton Landfill. He drew more negative reaction from several individuals in attendance due to remarks about Better Government for DeWitt County and accepting hazardous waste.

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Despite Hoffman's lenthy remarks, Thursday night's meeting saw a running time of less than hour.

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