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 width=A service provided through a local non-profit group that was heavily used and relied on in DeWitt County has gone away.

The electronic recycling program through the DeWitt County Human Resource Center has been done away with because of rising costs to operate the service. HRC Executive Director Lynn Scoville says the service has become too much to justify offering it free of charge to the community.

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Despite the program leaving, there is still a need for electronic recycling, however, Scoville says there is not an option any longer. She explains they have had some issues with dumping of electronics on their east property and even people bringing them things to deal with. She is encouraging the community to respect their inability to handle those kinds of donations at this time.

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Scoville says the decision has been a disappointment not only to their patrons but to them as well. She recognizes what the service meant to the community. She feels HRC prides themselves on being able to provide services to the whole community, and not being able to offer electronic recycling is going to hurt a lot of people.

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