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The Executive Inspector General for the Illinois Treasurer has asked Dan Rutherford's office to review its timekeeping policies after an investigation found three top staff members falsified timecards.

David Wells' investigation, recently posted on the website of the state's Executive Ethics Commission, found three top administrators, who have since been fired from Rutherford's office, had broken timekeeping policies and falsified records.

Wells said in his six-page report that the investigation started after former director of Invest Illinois Ashvin Lad, sent a cellphone picture of himself from Wrigley Field to several co-workers. The caption accompanying the photo read "I'm playing Hooky ... SHHHHH."

Treasurer's office deputy chief of staff Lori Ann McCabe later verified that Lad had been signed in on the employee time system and said he was working during that time, although Lad in his response to the report said he was at the ballpark during lunch.

The report found that Lad and colleagues Patrick Carlson and George Daglas had exchanged computer passwords and entered working times for one another if they were not in the office. Wells also found that Carlson and Daglas went to local gyms to exercise while on the clock.

All three men disputed the allegations in written responses and asked that their names be redacted from the report.

Rutherford fired the men in July after Wells completed the report, which was released publicly Sept. 18. Rutherford wrote in response to the report that the employees' behavior left him "appalled and disappointed."

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