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State Senator Dave Syverson [[ SEE-ver-son ]] isn't happy about the state's plan to ban smoking on outdoor patios and beer gardens. He says business owners spent big money building the decks to accommodate their smoking customers and this sends the wrong message.

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He says it's unfair for the governor's administration to try and sneak the new rules past the legislature, when everything seemed to be going OK.

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The new rule states that no one can smoke within 15 feet of any of the workers or servers at the restaurant, even if they're outside. Syverson says that's ultimately going to hurt businesses and cost people their jobs. He says if the governor wants to change the law he should propose a bill and let it go through the legislative process.

The new rule needs to clear a committee before it becomes law. The committee is slated to vote next month but people can weigh in by sending an email.

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