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Last week the Clinton City Council approved preliminary designs for a new Clinton Fire House.

Clinton Mayor Carolyn Peters says she is behind the measure however, she wants to make sure every possible aspect is thought about. She recognizes the need is there for a new fire station, but her biggest concern is the affordability of the new station.

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For the Mayor, there's many facets of this to consider. She explains the city will need to consider another building to maintain and have regular expenses for. Unlike many other city projects, Mayor Peters points to the fact the fire department cannot create it's own revenue to draw from to help fund the new building.

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Now that the ball is rolling, the Mayor indicates she will begin her own "personal research". Mayor Peters will approach other communities who have built new fire houses in recent years. She will also analyze the finances of the City of Clinton to see how this could possibly be funded and how any borrowing that may need to take place will effect the future of the city.

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It has been speculated the new fire house would likely be put in a parcel of land that belongs to the city. The specific area, the 200th block of East Washington Street, has not officially been designated as a likely landing spot because Mayor Peters feels if a developer wants to move there, they should be allowed the space.

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The idea of a new fire station has been a dream of the Clinton Fire Department's dating back to the mid-90s. The Mayor says she has been aware of the dream of the Department's since she took over her post and has tried to keep herself educated on new fire houses.

She adds a new fire house would likely need room for the fire fighters to have room to do training exercises as well.

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