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The Fiscal Year 2015 budget was placed on file by the DeWitt County Board Thursday night with some debate beforehand.

The motion to place the budget on file was questioned by Board Member Terry Hoffman. He said the budget did not appear the way it should be presented and had no contingency account. Board Member David Newberg asked Hoffman why these objections weren't mentioned at any of the prior budget meetings especially since it needs to be on file for 30 days.

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Board Chair Sherrie Brown noted moving funds out of equipment depreciation had previously been discussed. Hoffman continued saying department heads had been asked to make reductions due to the possible loss of EAV from Exelon. He also didn't feel the budget was balanced to begin with.

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Board Member Camille Redman asked Hoffman why he didn't bring these issues up before to which he replied he had. He said there were 22 million dollars in disbursements that could be spent elsewhere. Administrative Assistant Dee Dee Rentmeister felt Hoffman's comments were misleading due to several funds being out of DeWitt County control.

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The motion to place the budget on file passed 6-5 with Brown, Hoffman, Ron Savage, Keith Koons and George Wismiller voting no.

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