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The Clinton YMCA is featuring a new program that will give parents an opportunity to have some alone time during the week.

The Y has begun the new Y Time My Time childcare program. Rennie Cluver, Executive Director of the Clinton Y, explains parents will now have an opportunity to run errands for a couple hours while their child is being taken care of. He adds various activities will be available for kids during the two-hour span.

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Cluver notes the idea was born not too long ago and shouldn't cost much. He notes the Y will test the program out for a year and adjust if needed. Some months may see a higher need for child care, according to Cluver.

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The first Y Time My Time session will take place on Friday, October 24th. It will be for children, ages 2-5.

For more information on the program, you can call the Clinton YMCA at 217-935-8307 or go to their website, www.clintoncommymca.org.

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