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 width=A pair of referenda were on the Tuesday ballot in Piatt County.

A referendum in regards to an increase in the sales tax in Piatt County was approved by the voters for funds to go towards school facilities in the County. Monticello Schools also put a measure on the ballot asking the voters if they would approve the construction of a new high school. According to Dr. Vic Zimmerman, Superintendent of Monticello schools, that measure failed and he says wasn't surprised because he wasn't sure what to expect from community voters.

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According to Dr. Zimmerman, because the sales tax passed but the building referendum failed, the Board of Education in Monticello will have to look at what they want their course of action to be. He would not completely dismiss the idea the new high school going back to a referendum with an adjusted course of action.

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The Superintendent says he is pleased with the way they conducted the process. He feels they made every effort to engage and get feedback from the community. He adds they were as transparent as they could possibly be and feels there was no reason any voter should not have been informed on the intentions and plans of the school district in the two referendums that were on the Tuesday ballot.

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