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Parts of central Illinois have already seen significant amounts of snow this November, and whether you've had to drive through it or not to this point, local authorities hope motorists will be cautious this winter.

Authorities say it seems it takes a few snow showers to get people back in to the mindset of driving through wintery weather. According to Clinton Police Chief Ben Lowers, the first snow of the year can sometimes be the worst, especially if it is just small increments of accumulation.

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As the travel for the holidays near, Chief Lowers has several tips for travelers in the weeks ahead. He says being patient and staying alert of the utmost importance. He also recommends giving yourself extra time as you travel during winter weather.

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Many families will be traveling long distances next week for Thanksgiving, and in anticipation of that travel, Chief Lowers recommends doing a quick service update on your vehicle. He says make sure all the fluids and service upkeep is up to date.

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The Chief also recommends telling close friends where you are going to keep an eye on your home. He says it is just like when going on vacation, leaving a vacant house can sometimes open yourself up to criminal activity. He recommends having someone check in on the home every so often.

During the winter season, Chief Lowers stresses carrying a charged cell phone while driving, however, he emphasizes it should only be used in the event of an emergency.

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