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 width=Last Monday, and electric issue at Clinton Jr. High School canceled school across the district and Tuesday night it was revealed the likely cause of the outage.

According to Superintendent Dr. Jeff Holmes (right), a forensic electric engineer has determined one of two scenarios. Either a rodent managed it's way in to the Jr. High electric box and was able to chew down a wire causing the explosion, or some problems from the original construction of the box was faulty, and the electric company believes it is the second scenario.

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Now the insurance company is seeking the information of the electric company that constructed the site and Dr. Holmes indicates the faulty wire in question will be inspected. He notes it could be the original contractors responsibility to pay for the damages and repairs.

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That Sunday of the explosion, Dr. Holmes says it was a nasty explosion that took place. He explains there was a lot of smoke in their electric building that was cleared rather quickly. He says things were resolved quickly as electricity was completely shut down.

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Dr. Holmes was pleased with the way everyone came together to get the situation resolved. He explains the school could have lost a great deal of food from the loss of power but thanks to Gordon Food Services, no food was lost during the outage.

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Dr. Holmes says any type of settlement of payment could take some time. The wire that is in question will be heavily inspected and will likely be the centerpiece of evidence as things proceed forward, and Dr. Holmes did not rule out the idea of this going through the court system.

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