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 width=As soon as next weekend, the process could be underway to bring down the two vacant former Clinton elementary buildings.

The former Washington and Webster Elementary schools in Clinton were vacated for the new Clinton Elementary School. According to Superintendent Dr. Jeff Holmes, before the buildings can come down, asbestos must be removed from the two buildings.

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The asbestos removal will take approximately two weeks and Dr. Holmes explains once that process is complete, contractors will begin preparations to bring down the buildings. He says that process could take up to a couple months.

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Many community members have inquired about taking bricks as mementos from the two buildings. Dr. Holmes explains the contractors have agreed to take a pile of bricks from the demolition process and leave them outside the fenced in areas for the public to take.

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Dr. Holmes indicates the demolition and excavation process could be fun to watch. He say the excavator the contractors will use actually gets driven over the piles of ruble that will build up as the demolition takes place.

Once the demolition is complete and the debris has all been removed from the two sites, Dr. Holmes anticipates the district declaring the two properties as surplus properties and selling them.

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