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Shoppers will be hitting the local stores tonight as Black Friday shopping continues to get earlier and earlier each year.

As you head out to find those bargains, local authorities are encouraging heightened awareness during the chaos that is sure to ensue in many areas. Clinton Police Chief Ben Lowers encourages you to take to the shopping centers in pairs and during the daytime hours as possible.

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As it relates to parking lots of major shopping centers, the Chief encourages shoppers to know where they've parked in these big parking areas and to also keep the amount of bags you carry to your vehicle to a minimum. He says if you need to take a break and make a trip to your vehicle to reduce the amount of stuff you are carrying, to do so.

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The Chief says many shopping centers have security on hand, and may even have more security on hand during the holiday season. He feels if you are noticing someone following you or would like an escort to your vehicle if it is after dark, to notify security and they will escort you wherever you are headed.

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