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The Clinton City Council approved the 2015 Levy Monday night and includes good news for property owners.

According to Commissioner of Finances, Tom Edmunds, the property values in Clinton have risen, which means the property taxes can drop. He notes, the increase in property values has to do with an expiring TIF district.

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The decrease is minimal, only one-percent. Edmunds explains, the city portion of the tax levy for a home worth approximately $60-thousand would be around $414.

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 width=According to Clint Lichtenwalter (right), City Treasurer, they have been able to catch funds that have been behind in recent years. He points to the IMRF funds, or the Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund.

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City administrators echo Edumds' sentiments of the tax levy dropping, saying anytime a governmental body can say taxes are going down, that is exciting.

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