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 width=The Mavericks pulled out a wild, back-and-forth battle with the Bulls, 132-129, in double-overtime at the United Center. Monta Ellis led the way with 38 points on 35 shots, including three free throws that sent the game to the first OT. Dirk Nowitzki added 22 points, 10 assists and seven rebounds, while Chandler Parsons posted 24. Dallas has won four straight. A Derrick Rose three-pointer off the glass put the game into the second OT. Rose finished with 18 points and 10 helpers. Pau Gasol played 50 minutes and put up 29 points with 14 rebounds for the Bulls, who had won their two previous games.

Cleveland Cavaliers 111, Milwaukee Bucks 108
Atlanta Hawks 109, Boston Celtics 105
Los Angeles Lakers 106, Detroit Pistons 96
Brooklyn Nets 98, New York Knicks 93
New Orleans Pelicans 112, Oklahoma City Thunder 104
Phoenix Suns 116, Indiana Pacers 99
Portland Trail Blazers 105, Denver Nuggets 103
Toronto Raptors 117, Sacramento Kings 109
Golden State Warriors 98, Orlando Magic 97

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