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 width=This time of year, taxing bodies release their annual levy information and for one DeWitt County taxing body, 2014-15 is shaping up nicely.

According to Superintendent of Clinton Schools Dr. Jeff Holmes, the assessed value of the district is estimated to increase by $6-million, and because of that, the district will be able to slightly decrease the levy this year, something he's excited about.

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As the challenges of funding education increase, districts are forced to find ways to bridge the gap between what the state does provides versus what they are supposed to provide. Despite a one-cent sales tax measure failing in DeWitt County earlier this year, Dr. Holmes would like to explore that option again to increase the revenues for area schools.

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As the state of Illinois looks to revamp school funding, the most popular proposal with the most momentum at the moment has been a bill to redistribute money from wealthier districts to the poorer schools. Dr. Holmes says even though Clinton is very well off financially, he says it took many years of hard work to get there.

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Dr. Holmes also points out, the Clinton school district is taxing the maximum they are allowed by law without a referendum. So if the state was to put them into a situation they would have to raise taxes, they would have to take it to a referendum first. He doesn't believe voters would approve a tax increase, which would effect the students of the school district.

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