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Mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and computer science are all branches of an increasing science known as robotics youth across the world are rapidly exploring, and locally, the study is booming.

Robotics clubs in central Illinois are exploding among youth organizations and University of Illinois Extension Youth Educator, Sherry Fulton indicates it is becoming very popular in DeWitt County. Fulton explains 4-H students here are well on their way to establishing a very strong robotics club.

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According to Fulton, American children are behind in Science and Math in comparison to kids around the world. She explains 4-H has gotten behind an effort to get kids into science and mathematics.

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The challenge for the future of robotics clubs locally is not the interest among the youth, but Fulton believes it is finding support among adults to lead the groups. She admits, many adults are rightfully hesitant because the equipment and technology aren't things they may know a lot about.

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There are several DeWitt County 4-H robotic events coming up, some with deadlines that are nearing and some that have passed. For further details on the DeWitt County 4-H robotics special interest club, contact the University of Illinois Extension Office in DeWitt County at 217-935-5764.

Fulton notes kids in other parts of the area who's schools or clubs may not have a robotics group, are welcome to join as well.

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