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 width=Agriculture leaders have convened in Chicago throughout the weekend and into this week and a special guest stopped by yesterday.

Governor Elect Bruce Rauner made a brief stop at the annual Illinois Farm Buraeu meeting in Chicago. The governor-elect says he is going to work for Illinois and it's farmers. Because of this, the governor-to-be believes there's no reason Illinois shouldn't be successful.

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Rauner calls the farmers of Illinois "the backbone of Illinois' economy" and says it's because of farmers Illinois is maintaining despite it's struggles.

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Rauner will be sworn into office in early January and he says he wants people in leadership positions that will get stuff done. He targets farmers specifically and says he wants farmers leading agriculture.

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Rauner challenged those in attendance Monday to come with solutions when they come with problems. He does not believe in boards, commissions and council's, he wants to be known as the Governor who gets stuff done.

Rauner says Illinois has the resources and hard workers to return Illinois to a growing state again.

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