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The holiday season is a time for great food but should also be a time for taking care of one's health.

Many parties are thrown during the Christmas season and many include a variety of great food. U of I Extension Nutrition Expert Caitlin Huth explains that many try to set aside health choices during this time of year. Yet, she says this is usually not a good idea.

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Huth notes holiday party guests should plan ahead before the gatherings. She mentions one shouldn't overindulge before eating rich foods with many calories. It might also be a good idea to ask what will be served at a party beforehand.

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According to Huth, it's important to focus only on the foods you really want. Portion sizes are also important during buffet style meals. Small portions allow a guest to sample various types of food with lower calorie intake.

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Huth adds looking for healthier options of favorite recipes are also a way of cutting calories over the holidays.

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