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The time for school districts to review their progress has begun with the release of District Report Cards.

A School Report Card helps to provide information regarding school districts to the public. Kristen Kendrick-Weikle, Superintendent of Warrensburg-Latham Schools, explains the report card summarizes student body and staff. Test scores are also featured along with student and staff ratios.

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Weikle notes the district has received their ISAT and Prairie State Test scores. Yet, both test were no longer given in Illinois after the spring of 2014. There has been an increase in reading, science and math throughout Warrensburg-Latham though. Weikle says the scores provide a good road map of where students need to improve.

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The Superintendent stresses, while the report card is always helpful, it only captures a small picture of how students perform. She notes many students do great things every school day that can't be seen in a school report card.

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All Illinois school district report cards can be found online for anyone to view. They can be found at www.illinoisreportcard.com.

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